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Bubble Drives His Burning Box

Bubble Drives His Burning Box

Bubble is an autobiographical alter ego figure. Bubble’s adventures have ranged far and wide including eight sculptures observing my very persistent struggle to think outside the box, a series named “Bubble and The Box.”

“Bubble Drives His Burning Box” was created for the AG Ca-tas-tro-phe show. Bubble drives desperately, facing at right angles to the direction of his box’s wheels. He wears thick glasses prevent his awareness that his box is burning. He dumped his wings (symbolic of imagination, hope, flight and the possibility of change) inside near his feet. Even when he’s not wearing them they glow with a golden light; all hope is not lost, but he ignores them.

Everywhere in the world as well as in our own lives we see ways in which tunnel vision and desperate worship of ideology and familiar ideas and pathways brings human suffering and loss.
Desperation (fiddling while Rome burns) whitens our knuckles as we yank on the controls of our habitual, unconscious living patterns. We are oblivious (perhaps fortunately) of how winds and waters have changed their course, how paths turn and twist when we want to charge straight ahead. Within each of us a universe exists with the possibility of new vision and change. Will we “get it” or burn up?

Cone Six Stoneware with some acrylics.
H 9”
W 11.5”
D 10.75”