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GREEN MEN AND BOTANICALS +  shown at Atlantic 2012



              I dedicate this show to my father's youngest brother Arne whose 100th birthday would have been January 27th - though he died at 97. After reading Rachel Carson’s call to action in 1967 he abandoned Norwegian philosophy professorship to take up defense of the environment. He created an ethical and philosophical system he called ‘deep ecology’ -- also known as Ecosophy -- which challenges each human to evolve a personal ecological stance. He didn’t offer dogmatic answers or solutions and never lost his nascent wonder observing the natural world.

                Global warming undermines my lifelong  peaceful enjoyment of forests, sunlight and the ocean.   As each of us must do what we are best suited to do, GREEN MEN, BOTANICALS +  is my expression of love and worry for our planet.  The Green Man myth focused me as do plants in their cycle of living and dying.  I have  also turned to botanist/photographer Blossfeldt whose close up images are mysterious and revealing.